A good education is of paramount importance to Turkish families, and studying abroad is not a new concept in this country of over 70 million people: For decades, students from Turkey have been going overseas to study. And many of those who studied overseas years ago, are now sending their children abroad for their education.

As the middle class emerges even further, more and more students are able to study overseas than ever before. It is estimated that upwards of 30,000 go abroad annually for all levels of study, and this number is on the rise, making the Turkish market an active area for international student recruitment.

Where do they find out where to go? How do they prepare for study abroad? Prices? Location? Programs?

From our experience, we have recognized a large gap in the market vis-à-vis reliable information on all levels of study abroad. To this end, we have undertaken the task of publishing the semi-annual "‘Turkish Student International Education Magazine".

The Turkish Student which will be published in April and October each year is strategically timed to reach long- and short-term planners of all ages and all phases of their academic and/or professional lives.

Turkish Student will address all stages.

The primary function is to serve as a reference guide in which institutions showcase their offerings through the variety of participation options. This allows different institutions from around the world to apply their own style in relaying the message they wish the Turkish market to receive, and subsequently elicit student inquiries and enrolments.

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